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  • Kids

    Our mission for Arlington Kids is to equip each child with the knowledge of Christ, and provide ongoing resources for each family to make disciples from their Homes to the Nations. We want the children of Arlington to be confident in their faith, and stand on the firm foundations of Scripture that they not just memorize, but hide in their hearts to prepare themselves for whatever this world may throw at them! We desire to come alongside the family unit and help to show love and value to each child as they grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus.

  • Students

    Our mission for Arlington Students, is to help each student and family become firmly rooted in their faith with Jesus Christ. As these students begin to make life decisions, we want to equip them and their families with all of the resources they may need to seek the Lord for their today’s, tomorrow’s, and futures. Our in- depth studies of the Word of God, show Christ on a deeper level to these students, and open their minds to the love and hope that He has for their futures. We want to make disciples who go out from their homes, into the Nations, proclaiming the Word of God confidently, and bravely!

  • Bible Groups

    Our mission for the Arlington Bible Groups, is to dive deeply, and applicably into the Word of God on a weekly basis, and present the Scriptures in a format sustainable for daily study! Our Bible Groups are also a sincere time for accountability, encouragement, and self-reflection. We want to make disciples, who go out and make disciples in their homes, their work places, and to the Nations.

  • Arlington Men

    At Arlington Baptist Church, our desire is that God would call out Men who answer the call from God to make disciples from the home to Nations. Our goal is to equip men to lead in their homes, their work places, the community and the church, for the glory of God and the furtherment of His Kingdom! We desire to raise up Godly men to lead their families and our goal is to come alongside these men and help them grow in their love for Christ, so that they have the confidence to lead others  into a deeper relationship with Him!

  • Arlington Women

    At Arlington Women, our mission is to empower women to be bold in their faith, and encourage women to stand strong on the foundations of Scripture. We believe that God has designed us to live in community with other believers and by doing so, we hold each other accountable on daily, weekly, and monthly basis to the truth’s of Scripture and the outpouring of prayer. Our quarterly Women’s events, are a time for a reset, and refresh in our own personal walk’s with Christ, and our relationships with each other. We believe in the power of prayer, and the strength that comes with praying in numbers! Our goal is to make strong, women disciples from their homes, into the Nations!